Walk to End Hunger 2018

Wiese Walkers

As has become a tradition for Greg and I, we are once again walking in The Walk to End Hunger on Thanksgiving morning at the Mall of America.

We want to thank so many of you who have been supporting our efforts for so many years. We hope that are willing to continue to support our efforts again this year.

Hard to believe that in 2018, there are still adults and children right here in the good old USA, who don't get enough food. Hunger, especially in children is most disturbing - as it is their brains and bodies that need nutrition to develop properly. Please support our efforts to have meals provided to the hungry.

Oh, and 2nd Harvest contacted us for an interview. Check out their blog: www.2harvest.org/content_types/blog-posts/ending-hunger-one-step-at-a.html?fbclid=IwAR1tcMdlkEvuEW4v7hPw7_tKaefEX8CPSJPu9cOwuZBT2a0KkhWUDrv24A4#.W8qpf_ZFxPa

Have a wonderful holiday season.

Greg and Carole

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